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We provide a wide range of sports net which are for cricket, hockey , basketball, football etc. The nets provided for cricket are mainly for the net practice of the players. These nets are made strong so that it can withstand the pressure of the ball.
The safety nets are different for indoor and outdoor games. Outdoor safety nets are having balanced UV protection feature as they are exposed to the sunlight, keeping it safe from early wear and tear. These nets are also used for fencing during sports activities in schools and colleges which prevents the ball from going out within a certain area and in stadiums to control the spectators from entering the ground. The demand for these nets has increased substantially with many schools and colleges coming up in small towns and cities and the school authorities taking special interest for the sports activities for the all round development of their students. Officials of many sports associations,players are satisfied with our supplies which they say is proving beneficial for the encouragement of sports in the country. This demand is bound to increase as the current generation of youth are open minded and taking keen interest in extra curricular activities like sports.


Jagga Safety Nets
Safety Nets, Also known as work position Netting, Work Platform nets,walk on
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JAGGA SAFEY NETS are a leading a trader of Safety Nets used for Huge glass buildings. Our range is suitable for the prevention of Glass and serious accidents.JAGGA SAFEY NETS are a leading a trader of Safety Nets used for Huge glass buildings.

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